a VR adventure.

In Greenland, in the most northern part of The Kingdom of Denmark, Nature's sculptures reign supreme in the blue-white, frost-bitten landscape. Just like Greenland, the realm of Niflheim is cold, shadowy and awe-inspiring, making it the perfect place to start an adventure. 

The clip below is part of a fantasy saga we are developing, initially for a VR experience inspired by Norse Mythology, Viking history, and folklore.

Level by level, the Yggdrasil Chronicles will chart the progress of two heroes with magical powers, whose mission is to defeat the Chaos Forces and revive the Tree of Life and the realms it supported - all of which fell in the devastation following Ragnarok.

Eventually these chronicles will form the backbone of a Norse Mythology game and theme park - the first of its kind in Scandinavia.

"It is daybreak. To the east, behind a cleft in the murky, ice-clad mountain massifs, the heavens are streaked blood red. A cold mist is flowing between the frost-white, razor-sharp branches in the Iron Forest.

Out of the fog a giant wolf appears with eyes aflame. On his back sits Hyrrokin, a huge Jotun. She is controlling him with reins made of adders, whose luminescent green poison drips onto the soil below. Behind her, two more wolves are loping, with sharp teeth and lolling tongues. These are her two sons, Hate and Skoll.

Hyrrokin rides up a cleft along a tapering river of meltwater. She reaches an opening in the glacier and settles in a grotto, where the red light of morning is penetrating the crystal clear ice. As she peers into the narrow cave, her eye catches something glowing. At the bottom, where the ice is melting, the gleam intensifies at even the tiniest flash of light.

Using her long, witches claws, Hyrrokin eagerly scrapes out the bright, alluring object..."